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Brass and Woodwind Instrument Rental Scheme


Brass and Woodwind Instrument Rental Scheme

Not ready to buy yet? Want to try before you buy?

Heritage Music Instrument Rentals scheme is here to help you.

Its straight forward, flexible and affordable with the first eight months rental going toward the cost of purchasing the instrument.

How does it work?

  1. Decide what instrument is right for you. Your teacher can advise you or give us a call to chat it over.
  2. Print off the attached rental agreement form , fill it in and post it to us or bring it along with you, along with one proof of ID (e.g. utility bill). It is a condition of rental that payments are made by Direct Debit. Details for setting up the direct Debit will be provided at the time of processing.
  3. After 8 months we will contact you to give you the option of paying a balance and owning the instrument. If you decide NOT to purchase at this stage, you’re welcome to continue renting but at any time you decide to purchase, the amount of ‘rent’ which comes off the price is capped at 8 months – your optimum time to buy. The total price and the price to pay after 8 months will be confirmed at the time of commencing.
  4. The minimum rental period is three months. If you do decide at any time after that to return the instrument we do require 30 days notice.

Brass and Woodwind Instrument Rental charges:

 (NB this is not hire purchase scheme) Price per month
Elkhart (or equivalent) £12-00
Elkhart (or equivalent) with Curved & Straight Head £15-00
Trevor James  10X £18-00
Jupiter JFL700EC £22-00
YamahaYFL212 £25-00
Resona (Roy Benson) or equivalent £12.00
Jupiter JCL700S £18.00
Buffett B12 £22.00
Yamaha YCL255 £22-00
Resona 500l (or equivalent) £18-00
Jupiter JAS500 £28.00
Yamaha YAS280 £40-00
Resona £25.00
Jupiter JTS500Q £40.00
Yamaha YTS280 £55.00
Elkhart (or equivalent) £12-00
Windcraft WTR110 £15-00
Jupiter JTR500 £18-00
Yamaha YTR2330 £20-00
Resona (or equivalent) £12-00
Jupiter JCR520 £20-00
Yamaha YCR2330 £25-00
Elkhart £15-00
Jupiter JSL432 £20.00
Yamaha YSL354 £30-00
Elkhart £20.00
Jupiter JAH700 £38.00
·         Proof of address (utility bill)
·         Rental form completed and signed
·         Direct Debit mandate fully completed

Terms and conditions

  1. The minimum rental period is three (3) months and thereafter one (1) months notice is required to terminate this agreement.
  2. After eight months (8) you have the option to buy the instrument at the residual price quoted – we will contact you at that point.
  3. The instrument can be rented for as long as required, but only 8 months of the rental fees may be deducted off the price in event of purchase.
  4. The instrument remains the property of HERITAGE MUSIC whilst it is being rented and normal maintenance outside expected wear and tear is free.
  5. Repairs required due to mishandling or accident, or lost instruments will be charged to the renters account. String breakages are outside our control and will be charged for.
  6. The hirer is responsible to make sure the instrument is returned to HERITAGE MUSIC. An instrument left at school when no longer required does not terminate the contract. Please retain the signed form as proof of return when the instrument is returned.
  7. Instruments returned by Carrier must be properly and securely packaged as the hirer will be responsible to see that we get the instrument back in good order.
  8. HERITAGE MUSIC does not insure the instrument and we strongly recommend that you add it to your household policy, safeguarding it against loss or damage.
  9. It is a condition of the hire agreement that payment is made by Direct Debit. It is very simple to set this up and details will be provided at the time of renting.
  10. It is a condition of Rental that proof of address (eg a utility bill) is supplied along with the rental agreement form and the standing order mandate.

Rental agreement form

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