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Getting the Most Out of Your Reeds

April 03, 2017

Getting the Most Out of Your Reeds


Advice from D’Addario, manufacturers if the world renowned Rico, Rico Royal, Hemke and La Voz reeds:

Getting the Most Out of Your Reeds

  1. Be sure to thoroughly break-in and rotate your reeds.  Do not play each reed for more than a few minutes in the first days of use.
  2. The acidity content in one’s saliva may negatively affect the life of a reed.  Consider using water to soak your reeds instead.
  3. Dark spots in the bark of the reed do not indicate that a reed will play poorly.
  4. Always use a mouthpiece cap when the reed is still on the mouthpiece, but not in use.  This prevents reed damage and keeps the reed from drying out.  Do not store your reed on the mouthpiece.
  5. The entire length of the reed vibrates; too much ligature pressure can stifle the vibration, so be careful when tightening the screw(s).
  6. Storing your reeds properly is important for maintaining stable, well-functioning reeds.

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