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Looking after your pBone plastic Trombone

March 22, 2017

Looking after your pBone plastic Trombone


The pBone plastic Trombone is a fantastic invention, giving access to a much wider range of ages and abilites – here are a few tips to keep it in good condition.

Start by joining the bell and slide sections together and securing them simply without resistance. Insert the mouthpiece gently into the mouthpiece receiver.

Before you start

Before you use your pBone, pour a small amount of lukewarm water (NOT HOT WATER) into the slide section and work the slide slowly back and forth a few times before rinsing and pouring it out. Repeat the process with the bell section – run lukewarm water through it, rinse it and drain it.

Tuning Slide

To keep the tuning slide moving, first remove the tuning slide. Apply a generous amount of tuning slide grease (Selmer tuning slide and cork grease is excellent) to each slide and spread over the entire surface. Insert the tuning slide completely into receivers and wipe off excess grease with a soft cloth.

pBone plastic Trombone Slide

Apply a small amount of slide cream to the stockings or apply oil/liquid slide lube to the inner slide top, allowing the oil/lube to run down to the stockings. Spray inner slides with water and work up and down to distribute the cream/oil/lube.

When new, the slide on the pBone plastic Trombone may feel slow and scratchy. The slide will “run-in” with use as the brass stockings ‘polish themselves’ and at the same time smooth down the interior of the outer slides. During this ‘running-in period’ you will need to clean the inner slides frequently with a lint free cloth or baby-wipe.

You should expect to find a dark deposit both on your cloth and in the condensation coming from the water key, this is normal and shows that the stockings are doing their job smoothing down the interior of the outer slide tubes.

With use and over time this process will diminish and disappear as the slide becomes quicker, quieter and smoother to run. You may find that the slide needs less lube during the “running-in” period. If during this period, the slide slows it will almost certainly be a build up of the dark deposit so always give the slide a good clean should it slow down.


To maintain your pBone plastic trombone outer coating, never clean with boiling hot water, chemical agents or harsh detergents or solvents. Use only lukewarm water for cleaning purposes. The coloured parts can be cleaned with a soft cloth. The glass fibre outer slides may be cleaned with warm soapy water and then lightly dressed with vegetable oil to restore the look of the surface.

Any minor damage to the coloured plastic can be mended with superglue

Using mutes

Be very careful when using mutes on the pBone plastic Trombone as twisting the mute in the bell may damage the seam. Don’t try too hard with plunger or wah wah mutes as this will dislodge the bell from the slide!


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