Baroque Keyboard Pieces, Book II (moderately easy)

Baroque Keyboard Pieces, Book II (moderately easy)


Baroque Keyboard Pieces, Book II (moderately easy)

• a collection of the keyboard music of the period 1600 – 1750, offering a fairly representative selection of the forms, styles and composers of that period
• provides both scholarly performing editions and sources of enlightenment on performance conventions

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  • Sonata No. 4 in D minor: 2nd movement, Siciliano in F [Thomas Arne]
  • Polonaise in D minor (from Suite No. 2 in B minor, BWV 1067) [J. S. Bach]
  • Jigg in F [John Barrett]
  • The Catherine [John Barrett]
  • Saraband in C fa ut [John Blow]
  • Theatre Tune [John Blow]
  • Menuet in D [Böhm]
  • Sarabande in C [Chambonnieres]
  • The Bonny Gray Ey’d Morn [Jeremiah Clarke]
  • Trumpet Tune in D [Jeremiah Clarke]
  • Menuet I and II in C, from ‘Premier Livre de Pieces de Clavecin’ [Clerambault]
  • Le Petit-Rien, from 14th Ordre, ‘Pieces de Clavecin’, Book 3 [F Couperin]
  • La Pastourelle [L Couperin]
  • Menuet in C [L Couperin]
  • Minuet in C minor [William Croft]
  • Song Tune in G minor [William Croft]
  • La Prévenante, from ‘Pieces de Clavecin’, Book 1 [Dandrieu]
  • Suite No. 1: 7th movement, Les Bergeres (The Shepherdesses) Part 1 [Daquin]
  • Suite No. 2 in D: 6th movement, Passepied [Dieupart]
  • Menuet in F, from ‘Musicalisches Blumen-Buschlein’, Op. 2 [J. C. F. Fischer]
  • Sarabande in F, from ‘10 Suittes de Clavessin’ [Froberger]
  • Gavotte in G [Graupner]
  • Andante in A, from ‘A Collection of Lessons for the Harpsichord’ [M Greene]
  • Praeludium in G, from ‘Neuer Clavier Ubung’, Part 1 [Kuhnau]
  • Saraband in G minor [W. Lawes]
  • Passepied in F, from ‘Pieces de Clavecin’ [G. Le Roux]
  • Bourrée in A, from ‘Second Livre de Clavessin’ [Lebègue]
  • An Antick Dance [Locke]
  • Prelude in C, from ‘Melothesia’ [Locke]
  • Loure in G minor, from ‘Pieces de Clavecin’ [Johann Mattheson]
  • Sefauchi’s Farewell, Z. 656 [H. Purcell]
  • Suite No. 1 in G, Z. 660: 2nd movement, Almand [H. Purcell]
  • La Boiteuse, from ‘Pieces de Clavecin’ [Rameau]
  • Le Lardon: Menuet, from ‘Pieces de Clavecin’ [Rameau]
  • Sarabande in E minor, from ‘8 Suits of Lessons for the Harpsichord’ [Roseingrave]
  • Fantasia in C, Second Dozen, No. 2: 2nd movement, Gayment (Gavotte en Rondeau) in A minor [Telemann]
  • Menuet in D minor, from ‘Der getreue Music-Meister’ [Telemann]
  • Allemande in G minor, BWV 837, from ‘Clavierbuchlein for W. F. Bach’ [J. S. Bach]
  • Corrente seconda in A minor [Frescobaldi]
  • Air in Bb, HWV 471 [Handel]
  • Air in E, HWV 425 (Saraband) [Handel]
  • Air in G minor, HWV 467 [Handel]
  • Aire in G minor, from ‘Lessons for the harpsichord or spinnet’ [Jean Baptiste Loeillet]
  • Sonata in A, Kp. 83, L. S31 [D. Scarlatti]
  • Sonata in D minor, Kp. 32, L. 423 (Aria) [D. Scarlatti]
  • Sonatina in Bb, HWV 585 [Handel]
  • Menuet I & II, BWV 825/5 & 6 [J. S. Bach]
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