Juno alto saxophone reeds (by Vandoren)

Vandoren Juno Tenor saxophone reeds 3 pack


Juno Tenor saxophone reeds (by Vandoren)

See below for details of product. Comes is packs of 3 reeds.

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Juno Tenor reeds (by Vandoren)

Now playing is more play, less work! Everyone from students to Music teachers love the new Juno reeds. They’re designed to help find early success by making it easier to play the instrument from top to bottom. Juno reeds, made by Vandoren are perfect for beginners – Let’s face it, who wants to sound like a beginner? When you sound better, playing is more fun…. and when you having fun, you keep playing! These reeds, made from select cane grown in the Mediterranian basin, are given a special cut thats extra responsive for students, enabling them to progress faster. Once the reeds are precisely cut, each one is sealed in its own humidity balanced pack so when a Juno reed is taken out of its packet its as fresh as the day it was made. Have fun…!

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Strength 2, Strength 1.5, Strength 2.5


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